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whether or not you open your eyes it is there staring at you

taunting you breathing its demon-heat upon you it is only reality

no need to fear or hide from it but goddamn some days

you just want to stay asleep.  your eyelids droop with the

gravity of toil and regret and you want to forget you want

to disavow everything want to coil inward refusing to

acknowledge that anything is real.  and you’re right.

nothing is real.  but you are in a dream that requires your

participation and you are too weary to lift any stones today

too worn thin to be burdened by anything too wretchedly spent

to even tolerate awareness of your own existence.

oh but the day is passionless it cares not for you

or anyone.  it is flung upon you and it can be a shroud

or a sail.  you wonder whether it matters but grudgingly

you try to summon a ragged wind.




every thing

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every thing is a song

but not all songs are of beauty

and every thing named beautiful

is at best fleeting.

joy is everywhere

but we must cease

to be ourselves

to let it in

and this is no tragedy

because if we can be free of self

then we can become joy.

sorrow is coupled with joy

existing equally everywhere

and when it overtakes us

then also we cease to be

our selves

and this is only proper

because when full of joy and sorrow,

when severed from self,

we become pure.






the wheel

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three flies swarm the gaping wound

in the belly of the dead mouse

splayed on the grass and dirt

killed and left there

by a house cat on the prowl

asserting its nature

to hunt.

the corpse nurtures the flies

it is a beautiful dead thing

spindly limbs frozen in rigor,

its death invigorates

industrious insects

and nourishes the soil;

next spring the mouse will be

a dandelion

that delights a small child

and perturbs the adult

obsessed with the concept

of a lawn.

it is a wondrous corpse

it is marvelous and pristine

even with its entrails spilling out

and glassy eyes fixed upon

the eternal.




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i’m a space-man and

time-traveler too is me

this is literal



04:22 CDT

the apple

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i bit the apple, i did.

to the core seeds and all

i became the apple tree

and the serpent was within.

i gnashed my pulpy teeth

severed its head and absorbed

that subtle forked tongue

i sprouted fangs

spawned samurai limbs

slashed with my blade

and eviscerated

seven devils.

i bit the apple, i did.

i bit ten thousand apples

and ten million olives

now above the leaves

beyond the grasp of undead boughs

in the ether i exist

in pomegranate mist

in melodious coconut bliss

i exist

despite the apple

despite the myth

i am free

again i say

there is no sin

there is atrocity

and terror and crime

and even shame

but the root is different

there is no apple

there is no god

to offend.







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there are always at least

three ways to look at things.

for instance, either THEY

have trouble noticing things

or I am skilled at stealth,


THEY and I don’t exist.

or, these here words themselves

are an illusion.

or a delusion.


it never


there is no sin




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i am at peace

with myself

i am at peace

with everything

this nineteenth night

of february

in the year 2012 a.d.

i am at peace in the night

when neighbors sleep

and dogs yelp their answers

to coyote call

and i pray for wolf

to howl

but there is only me

so i smile a silent howl

of my own

i om

and it is clear

above beyond and within

that i am my own

at one with all that draw breath

i am here


and that is enough.

i know very little

but of this i am sure –

time is not a line

it is a circle

and i am at its center.

you are at its center.

time does not rule us

it encircles us

it is not a cage

but rather an embrace

and being all around us

it cannot be divided.

regret and pride are illusions

as are fear and hope

so i am free

you are free

liberty exists within

without striving or grasping

it can be had when thinking

and doing cease

i say again

i am at peace.

the problem never was drunkenness

or high-ness or shroom-ness

the problem never was uppers

downers or nicotine

these are all symptoms

of a basic need

these are all external fuels

of the simplest disease

the problem never was

outside of me

it was only



i am at peace

because it is effortless.

i have done nothing

but open my eyes

nine years ago i woke up

for the first time

then i forgot

i flailed and splashed

without awareness

and then i remembered

to stop trying and let my self


now i sit on the riverbed

unperturbed by the unstoppable force

of the current; the fear of death

is gone and i rise to the surface,


nothing can harm me

nothing can harm you

we are a oneness

i am at peace today

i see

i hear

the entirety

in my own

raspy breath.