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gravity ceases

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in truck-stop diner

i hit the pisser

with tremendous speed

i evacuate

two pints of water

so i may proceed

with diligent haste

to fuel my brain

with coffee strong as

a locomotive

that bursts unhindered

off a curving track

into a canyon

where against all odds

gravity ceases

the massive machine

is then borne aloft

by cyclonic wind

that is my bloodstream

fuel and blood meld

awakeness occurs

awakeness endures

metaphor abjures

bladder signals full

with furtive glances

and a hunter’s stride

i evacuate

to the outside world




the eleven

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the eleven o’clock train

sounds its horn through the mist

as smoke lifts above the porch

pluming up from my lips

a record spins

voices and instruments

bleed through the door

and meet ponderous train-horn

with lyrical trumpet-speak.

i muse myself and imagine

what graffiti is displayed there

on those boxcars, what art

and whose vision

is being hauled northward

this november night,

what hand and mind and spirit

is moving there

on the steely slate

of those driven containers.

what hand might i meet

if i were one with the mist

and the horn and the paint

what voice is this now

nailed down on the page.