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a simple thing complicated by thinking

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scraggly grass is curiously clipped

uniformly by an unwieldy

and aggressive machine.

the scent of gasoline melds with that of tree pollen

and the internal fluids of innumerable

bifurcated herbaceous dicotyledons.

wending its way through that melange

is the aromatic certainty

of rain-clouds drawing near.

it is the first mass torture of spring.

i grin impishly at the dirt

between the green, severed blades.

do your work, soil

i say.

i laugh, walk away

and slay my evil minion

by throwing a dead, vulgar tarpaulin

over the top of the hulking beast.

i congratulate myself

for a job well done —

(a ridiculous job that offends

my neo-tribal philosophy,

but this ain’t grad school

and my philosophizing is sporadic

and incoherent at best)


the trouble, i suppose,

is simply some vague fear

of incurring a fine from the city

for allowing grass to be grass.

the deeper reason, though,

for this botanical violence

is the bloom of happiness

i see upon her face

as i brush the dirt from my hands

and the first drops fall upon our skulls.




red house, blue house, purple haus

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this guy thinks he’s jimi but he ain’t

but he’s good he tears at the soul

he bleeds well

on the fretboard.

this guy is trapped in digital playback

but the guts still scream


he got the blues.

i am a red man here hearing him

in freedom u.s.a.

but my heart is off in a workers’ paradise

in a world we are still dying to create

and my love is gone

(not my peaceful heart but my beloved)

so i’m down enough to be striving upward

into royal purple sundowns and dawns

a triumph every day

to just simply

not quit.

not quit fighting for meaning and depth

and grandest of all,

the humor to carry on

amid the horrors.

this guy ain’t jimi but he got the job done

he goaded me into this poem

in his own blessed

frail little way.



the idle mind

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the idle mind worms its way through reality

ravenous for something meaningful

to which to attach itself –

it tunnels through the sludge of a hundred billion

useless manifestations laced with hate and greed

and envy and sickening blindness and its hunger

twists into pervasive loathing and bitterness

but a purity remains at its center,

a nucleus tethered to the origin

of all things, and that center

begins to consume the poisonous infiltrations

that have ravaged the idle mind.

the mind then stops searching, stops besmirching itself

with the toilsome and treacherous mire

of perception of the external.

nothing in the world can be changed

is the realization that arrives

in a thunderclap and the mind is shattered

leaving only that subtle center

and its innate desire

to manifest love





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you sit wrapped in flannel

enraptured by the flames

the night serenades us

we surrender softly

to it and each other.

you exist in heaven

with me as your witness

the flames are our haven

without time or distance

between ourselves and bliss.

your suppleness meets mine

our embrace is a spark

eternity is ours.



for Sunflower

the tumult

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that day at the falls i gazed upon you

standing atop the outcropping,

your orange top and golden hair

ablaze with beauty

framed by the miraculous horizon where

the treetops nestle into the sky –

that day resonates

rumbles deep within me.

it was the beginning of

the tumult.

that day on the beach summer dawned

with the sky cast in grey and

hand in hand we searched for

treasures of wood and roots

feathers and stones

and i gazed again upon

your blazing beauty.

at the terminus we kissed

so deeply and with such abandon

that the universe swallowed us

and everything stopped.

when i opened my eyes

i saw you as the raging rapids

from weeks before.

you consumed me utterly

and i was born.



for Sunflower


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framed by golden hair

your face glows in candlelight

love outshines the flame


your flower opens

under my deft fingertips

sweet nectar glistens





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3:25 a.m.

and i make the coffee

brew up a kick-start

to your day as mine

winds down and begins to bleed

into the next.

my nocturne is your


on days like these

when my mind is in upheaval

and patterns don’t exist.

my ephemeral presence

shimmers and wavers

but always is

in your orbit.

we are twin planets

of the same sun

and that sun

is love.

3:30 a.m.

and i am drawn

to your bed.

inexorably entwined

me with you,

our limbs entangled

our hearts as one.