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the meaning of life

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a little boy runs down the sidewalk

pocket jangling and curly hair bouncing.

he runs after the ice cream man

whose cart bells clang and clamor.

the boy’s life is singular and purposeful –

he is chasing happiness

which is easily apprehended

by a child.

he trades a few paltry coins for any icy treat

which he promptly shoves into his mouth.






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my death is in this cigarette

in this pouch of coins that clatter

on my way to the source

to score another forty grams

of satisfaction that chokes away

my breath as it stokes

the fire within, the conflagration

that holds the jackals at bay.

my death is in the sun

in my reddened skin

in this darkening mole

in this furrowed brow that squints

through the incessant glare

as temples thunder and quiver

and pupils shrink from moons

to flagpoles.

that stained glass there is my ruin

is forever sleep

and this cup here is false awareness

is fake awakeness

but i have made my choices.

i light up in my lot

and reach the bottom of the hill

at the edge of downtown

before the last drag hits my lungs;

each footfall is a day i have lost

to recklessness and joy

timidity and sorrow

lust and debauchery

and ascetic deprivation.

each footfall is

an hour

a minute

a street

a tree

a river

a stone

a person

my death is in these shoes.

my death is in this cigarette

this coffee

this plastic water cup

these exhaust fumes

this asphalt

this carpet

this pillowcase

this television

this phone

this computer.

my death permeates every bone

of my brittle frame.

my death is my only certainty

so i’ll have another smoke

another coffee dose.

the wine i have left behind

because i want to be awake

when i die.

my death is in everything that i touch

so where then is my life?

i would say that now it is with you,

but hell, i have presented you with nothing but

facets of my demise.



all the words are wrong

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sullen isn’t the word.

embittered, perhaps,

or chagrined

might be closer.

beaten down but determined

to press on –

faltering but not fallen –

no, sullen is not

what i am.

nor am i morose.

but i am close to that morass.

just one day without

calamity, that is all

i ask.






no end

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dragged out, wasted,


it’s seven in the morning

with twenty-four hours left

before her first day on the job,

a new job in a new town.

and me,

the manic-depressive-drunken-zen-lunatic,

must be her driver through the crumbling streets

of mill-town and tosa and the god-forsaken burbs –

i must be at my best

shiny and fresh

when next the sun rises,

must be responsible,

must be




so today i am screwed.

cannot shake the vampire life

the graveyard shift.

been awake since yesterday,

eighteen hours or so,

and have not the luxury of slumber

for at least another twelve.

thirty hours.

thirty hours awake

to prevent the ruin

of two lives.

heavy eyelids

weary brain

tattered spirit flags

i waste time with the nullity of television

i pop pills to kill the backache

i suffer tinnitus


cigarette withdrawals

no end to troubles

no end in sight

no end at all

i am nothing, nobody.

perhaps i am doing something right.



GJK_June 12th, 2012

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beef sizzles on grill

somnolent nose awakens—

pocketful of dimes


           heralds hunger,

           jangles malaise.





cute dimples and eyes

will not convince me to spend

money i don’t have.


           please stop trying,

           ms. ponytail…





blue sky burdens ire,

bombards gloom with happiness

and lightness of heart.


           fuck you, sunshine!

           fuck fresh air, too…







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it’s those

god damned birds





hounds of hell

is close,



more like hordes





sixth of april 2012

doom-ku (we’re all gonna die)

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now ’tis supper-time

slate-grey dawn shatters golden —

terror-sun looms mute.





gloom swells the unknown

doom is certain so we dance,

obliquely hopeful.