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reviewing my work led me to this. i had forgotten that i wrote it.

poems by GJK


William Blake is dead

his papery skull lurks in a cobwebbed corner

the Beats and their Buddha

rest in pulpy boats atop stacks

of copies of poems, bodies in boats

that float beyond ideas

hundreds of other tree-skinned volumes

with notable names on their spines

line shelves from floor to floor above,

ceiling is floor of sky

the TV shows cartoons in motion

and speaks funnily about anything

tea cup is empty





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coffee-jitter brain-buzz muscle-clench

cigarette-cough knee-bounce



with nothing

to do

i am




with nothing

to do







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the beat is in me it is my heart

the beat is in you it is yours to keep

or share as you see fit

the beat is us

we are united

because we are human

because we are mammal

because we are animal

because we are spirit

the beat is also in stone and tree

it is in everything you have ever seen

or could ever imagine

the beat is in soil and plant

the beat is vegetable too

and all of this is simply

another way to say

you are what you eat

and even more than that

you are what you perceive

so you are everything

and i am everything

and in the larger scheme

we are nothing

we are nothing together

there is therefore

not a single thing

to worry about


so this is it

you and me together

wound tightly together

by these small words






the worst

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this smoke

that plumes

up from

my lips

is the

worst smoke

i’ve breathed

in forever.

this smoke

is full

of self-

loathing and

tremendous guilt.

i hate

this feeling.

what can

i do

to make

it disappear?

the answer

is nothing.






the f word

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so today

i lost my head

and muttered f u c k a bit too loudly

i sputtered

and uttered

that profane word

with venom in my heart

i was lost

for a few minutes

after that

i was full of regret

i was un-centered

i was wrong

so i

took a ride

and stomped on the accelerator

i beat that engine

i pounded on it

as a way of beating on

my self.

and now it’s over

but still

i feel







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if you ask me

to close the door between us

i will say


because i can stop my noise

any time

i would rather hear you breathe

than listen to

australian country music.

so i refuse

your request

because i love you.

i would rather hear

our keyboards rattling together

than hear mine

prattling alone.

so here it is –

an open door

and a poem

for you.







behind us

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i have noticed a change in me

and i have noticed a change in you

we seem to be brighter

and more buoyant,

we seem less distressed

when things go foul

or when chaos runs amok.

like today, when our lunch plans

got fucked up, we didn’t rant

and rave or behave like

little children

we simply bore it

for a minute

then let it



no, there is no trouble.

only one errant thread

in the blanket

that is us

only one speck

on the lens

of our life.

we are full of light,

you and i

and we have left

the despair and ennui

behind us.