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line by line

Posted in best of GJK, for Blue Bike reading, poems 2009 with tags , , , on August 24, 2010 by GJK

my only courageous act

is now

to put pen to paper

to write

this is trite

and easily dismissed

by many and by myself

but the truth is

it’s been over a year

since i’ve allowed myself

to bleed.

i’m drinking

watching a PBS program

about volunteers that greet


a program

about the goddamned wars

about the wretched and beautiful ones

who, for whatever reason

have given themselves over

to the choice

to become the walking dead

so i have no reason

or excuse for having

avoided my self

and this horrid


for so long.

on the screen

is some old geezer

giving his waning days

and nights

to women and men who

insist upon calling him


but all he wants to do

is share some smokes and bullshit

over coffee in a snowstorm

in the shadow

of some podunk airport


i feel selfish and small

to feel so joyous and grand

for this effort,

this pittance of craft.

this tiny poesy

is mean

and crude

and, by outer observance,



– but i must remain proud

  in this moment

  regaining my self

  line by line.