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formal restraint beer 1

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sixteen ounc-

es of beer

in the fridge;

poured into

the goblet

each vessel

is fulfilled.

swallowed quick

fullness be-

comes empty.

zen practice

at its best

is alum-

inum poured

into glass

poured into

thirsty throat.

the cycle

repeats and

becomes bland.

here is where

Action be-

comes again

the simple

lightness of


and Being.



summer of 2008


formal restraint coffee 1

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the cup holds

six ounces.



seconds it

becomes warm.

warm enough

to quickly

be consumed.

heat fills me

and the cup

is again

wanting fuel.

each vessel

is fulfilled.

coffee cup,


and the Self.


remind us

who we are,

for we are

nothing but

what we do.

Being is

mute concept;

Action is


able truth.



summer of 2008

formal restraint cigarette 1

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becomes dead

as we live

its essence.


cancer stick

is fulfilled

as it burns

yet unlit.


packaged for


and conceit

always fail

to convict


of being



essence is

quiet med-


is simple

breath.  we are


when we halt

our mental




summer of 2008

formal restraint car 1

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engine revs

eighteen hun-

dred per min-

ute.  she growls

and groans low.

she thunders

as she rolls.


of persons

thru landscapes

fulfills her

metal and

chrome being.


feeds her thirst;

her engine,

well oiled, is


and graceful.

treat her well

and she will

get you there

ev’ry time.



summer of 2008

serious smoke

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they’re burning our forest down.

right here on highway 41

between my house and your house

they’re burning the forest down

to make way for a strip mall

or a gas station

or a chain restaurant

or some such piece of progress

so the shackers can roll thru

and feel as if they’d never left

their day-to-day lives.

giant yellow machines are hacking

and stacking our trees

into the largest bonfire i’ve ever seen

with my own two eyes

and it pains me to know

they’ve no regard for the hundreds

of thousands of creatures

they’re slaying with every


commercial start-up

or highway department project.

father, it pains me

that family farms are dead or dying

and i love that i was raised on one.

now, at 33, it may be time for me

to offer up a lesson.

smoke can teach many things.

you have no idea what it is to be a smoker

of tobacco, or of other things.

but i know you know this-

the speculators are killing us.

it’s an updated version

of the rape of this continent

and its peoples by those

whose names we are familiar with,

so the lesson is this-

we are new natives

and the global-corporate-machine

is the empire that has come

to rape, pillage, and plunder.

mercantilism in this century

pervades so much of the culture

it is difficult to see it as such.

they are here to exploit

every natural resource

(including every friend i have)

in the name of money

of progress

of war.

a dear friend you haven’t met

has a brother at war

who may never come back.

this is serious.

stand up with me for peace, father.

it was you, after all,

that first taught me

to turn the other cheek.




summer of 2008

what else

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i have so much

to be grateful for;

the luxury of free time

is not as common

as it should be.

i dedicate this poem to industry,

to the men, women,

and robots

who produced this pen,

this page

and the car i drive.

(i drive it too much,

 gotta fix my bicycle)

i dedicate this to

all those who built this dwelling

in which i sit

on a hand-me-down couch,

all those who grew the grain

that i eat and drink.

this could go on forever,

this description of connectedness

this sketch of interbeing.

(if this guy uses the word COSMOS

 i swear i’m gonna stop reading)

and that’s about the end of it

for now.

what else is there

besides life and death.

for me,

it’s this.