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she takes up

another stone

places it on her bent

shoulder, stoops forward

a little more to balance

the weight.  always

she is doing this

inexplicable thing—

bearing others’ burdens.

one thing i know

for certain—she

is a better person

than i.

my shoulders are

too thin—


horribly thin—

to do what she does.

when i try to analyze

the difference

between us

my only conclusion

is that she knows how to


much better than i.

GJK, 20FEB05


she takes up

another stone

her shoulder sinking

her frame straining forward

to balance the weight.

she is always doing this,

bearing burdens for others.

she carries so much

that does not belong to her

laboring faithfully

often thanklessly

and i am mystified

by her tenacity.

under such a weight

i would stagger


fall broken

to the ground.

GJK, 23FEB05