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attached to (black and pink)

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sneakers, black and pink

with white laces, slink

sexily across the scratched

umber hardwood floor;

sneakers attached to

vigorous feet who

sensually bend and glide —

strides of an angel.

feet are Sunflower’s;

she has Sunflower sneakers.



[mutant sonnetized haiku]


with apologies to J.R.R.T.

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the immortal Robert Jordan is

my best dead friend.

regarding fantastical pantheons

i must


that he

is profoundly supreme

(and almost entirely inimitable)

throughout all illimitable, incomprehensible time.




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human  leash  canine

tethered spirits ambulate

humans  chains  corpses



(yes this is a protest poem yes this means stop the war,

stop the violence without and within)

the English language is a gibbering imbecile

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fire up the machine and start

going down

the lists

the scribbled notes

on envelopes

and matchbooks,

index cards

and torn-off portions

of cigarette packages

grab it all

throw it in a pile

on the musty couch cushion

and go

without thought

glancing thru the detritus

of last week, last month,

maybe even last year.

and don’t forget to include

today’s list encoded upon your palm,

the marker strokes barely legible

thru the grime and sweat

of the day’s contortions

a smeared, bleary reminder

that you are alive.

go thru it all

for your own sake

(to slake that ephemeral thirst)

you are a writer

and you matter,

even though your tools

are puny, pathetic

and downright stupid.

A thru Z

in every conceivable combination

and permutation in not nearly enough

to express what you feel.

but you try.

you are almost as stubborn

as me.


The 1st Step, or, God’s Love

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If we use we’re going
2 die!  No need 2 cry,
(I didn’t make this up!)  Go
2 a meeting, “reach out!”  Call
someone.  (Whatever it takes!)
2 not pick up, call Sally
even though he’s a guy!
(Whatever it takes!)  Whatever
it takes!  When we STAY
ALIVE it helps the newcomer.
It would B a bummer IF WE
WEREN’T there 4 them, wouldn’t
it B the same as killing them?
Upon this morbid reflection,
it is worth the clean
connection.  Clean 4 another
day.  It’s good 2 B OKAY,
it’s good to be OK.


Andrew Larsen


Menominee, MI