as i burned sage


this afternoon i watched

a bird feeding its mate.

i know little of birds,

so i cannot name

or adequately describe them,

but i do know hunger

and that it is good to share food

with friends and with lovers.

the larger of the two squealed

and hopped and flapped its wings

as its companion flitted about

pecking at seeds to swiftly

drop into the expectant beak.

watching this, i could not restrain

the urge to cook for my wife

though she was yet to wake.

i turned my back to the pair

and faced the street

in search of other hungry things.



17 Responses to “as i burned sage”

  1. So lovely reminder of reciprocity, a shared load is lessened.

  2. Lovely. Mindful, contemplative and sweet.

  3. Great poem.
    I especially like the way that you closed it

  4. what fun observation…
    I love birds, I used to enjoy baby bird and mother bird story….

    excellent lines,
    love your story and its implications!

    Happy Thursday!
    have fun visiting!

  5. smiles. and i am sure your wife will appreciate all that you see in that which you feed her…

  6. Such a lovely poem, wonderful observation about how it’s good to share. Very positive outlook. Great poem!

  7. mairmusic Says:

    very nice transition at the end that transformed the whole simple verse into something more– nicely done1

  8. sharing and carrying and tending…great traits for a happy marriage..thanks for sharing Pete

  9. “i turned my back to the pair

    and faced the street

    in search of other hungry things.”

    I like this poem, particularly these lines. Very nice.

  10. I agree exactly with happyflower…a shared load is lessened…love the wordflow in this!! Thanks for sharing and happy rally!

  11. Gaurav Sharma Says:

    I agree !!

  12. How sweet! To look upon such a scene and think of your own loved one.

  13. Love the message and the way this poem was constructed

  14. Thank you, everyone, for your comments. It warms my heart to see that so many people have visited my e-poetry site. Thanks Jingle!

  15. Hey, I liked it! It is simple, flows well, and tells a good story/has a good message. Well Done!

  16. mother2rah Says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. thanks

  17. Love it. Brilliant comparison.

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