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a tickling

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one candle burns
casting orange orbs upon the keys
that are pressed and de-pressed
and re-pressed by these fingers
here is me fingers.

they spell peace and love

with the keys

they are not

hippie fingers

they are just

me fingers

tickling orbs of fire.






stones and stumbles

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waiting for you to call me back

i stumble upon a stack of notebooks

written in my hand,

the hand of me from two-thousand-and-three

and 2001

and many other years.

it is heavy,

that whole stack,

heavy as stones piled precariously close

to the edge of a creek in the night

where shadows move

the shadows of young women and men

who walk slow and talk soft

and mostly sit

listening to the night

the water

the owl

the engines from the city

that surround this peaceful place.

i don’t remember exactly who was there

but some of them could disappear at will

all they had to do was sit still

and my eyes could no longer see them.

so now i am there,

no longer awaiting your call.

i see you in a shadow

as a satyr

as you and he

once saw me

by the dock of a larger and noisier


and you are humbly forming a word

in the cavern that is eternity.

a finger gently taps my forehead.

it is Bindu, face floating and mouth smiling,

waking me from sleep.

the rivers are gone

and i am back here

transmitting this to you

someday when you find me again.



July of 2010


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stupor abated

inferno horizon swells

unadulterated reason denied

flies behind torpid wings of dawn.

demechanization of language

is preferable to these contortions.

the raucousness of drunk

is hid within the consciousness

of drink and each taste loosens

the strings.

this frail rage easily foiled


demonstrative wit


ethereal skin sings

nothingness sustains.





the eleven

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the eleven o’clock train

sounds its horn through the mist

as smoke lifts above the porch

pluming up from my lips

a record spins

voices and instruments

bleed through the door

and meet ponderous train-horn

with lyrical trumpet-speak.

i muse myself and imagine

what graffiti is displayed there

on those boxcars, what art

and whose vision

is being hauled northward

this november night,

what hand and mind and spirit

is moving there

on the steely slate

of those driven containers.

what hand might i meet

if i were one with the mist

and the horn and the paint

what voice is this now

nailed down on the page.






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i am sedate

head lolled to side.

eyelids droop

in spite of coffee-energy

that seeps into capillaries.

elbows planted on table

shoulders hunched

i am dazed.

i imagine myself

a malformed angel-thing,

i stare into the ashes

of the past hour.





corpses, radiation, vessels

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William Blake is dead

his papery skull lurks in a cobwebbed corner

the Beats and their Buddha

rest in pulpy boats atop stacks

of copies of poems, bodies in boats

that float beyond ideas

hundreds of other tree-skinned volumes

with notable names on their spines

line shelves from floor to floor above,

ceiling is floor of sky

the TV shows cartoons in motion

and speaks funnily about anything

tea cup is empty





shadows subterfuge

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shadows subterfuge elegant mystery coiling in smoky trails

upward shadows history misery only falls grace does rise

the crash of swarm of words that fail flailing futile

all the ideals of ages swallowed by tides of blood

of holy wars (the most insincere of terms) the dead

philosophies the worn footpaths of sandaled feet

all shadows lovely dark recesses in unconscious

manifestation flying forward now breathing

flowing forth ah Beauty oh mistress of sunset

the shadowed hours stretching time of cool

moist winds of sand scattered by barefoot

lovers oh Love ah Pain where has

Misery gone ??

(how i miss her anvil touch)